30 years opening doors, 30 years giving opportunities

On July 23, 1990, a group of people linked to Caritas Diocesana de Barcelona launched a visionary project: the creation of a non-profit organization with the aim of responding to the housing exclusion that was already evident in the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area. Because 30 years ago, having a decent family home was already an impossible goal for many people.

In these 30 years the Foundation has cared for thousands of families who had no alternative, they have been offered accompaniment and support, and most importantly, a home to live in, to create bonds and social network, a place to be quiet and safe, where to rest, a starting point for new opportunities, a space to have an identity, where to group the family and feel protected, a place to look to the future.

The road has been long, with many difficulties but also with many learnings and improvements. We have become professional and specialized, we have expanded our housing stock, we have incorporated ICT into management (monitoring elements such as the temperature and humidity of homes), but above all, we have continued with the clear goal: to offer housing worthy without distinctions.

The Oikos project, one of our most precious values as an institution, has been continuously adapted to new situations and needs. We currently support families with a specific work plan for each of them, which includes their needs and the aspects necessary to achieve total autonomy (economic, social and family).

Unfortunately, the overall situation of housing does not improve.

From the Foundation we will persist in our work towards the people who need it most, taking on new challenges, going further, fighting for social inclusion and for a world where the right to decent housing is really effective, keeping in mind that “A home is more than a place to live.”


Fundacio Privada Foment de l’Habitatge Social