Agreement of cooperatives and foundations with the city council of Barcelona to promote affordable social housing in the city.

Last Friday, November 27, the framework agreement was signed for the provision of affordable housing and assignment of the right to use (cohabitation) through the constitution of a surface right in favor of non-profit social entities of profit on plots of land and municipal estates of Barcelona City Council from the municipal heritage of land and housing.

The signatories of this agreement, in addition to Barcelona City Council, are the Federation of Housing Cooperatives of Catalonia, the Coordinator of Housing Foundations of Catalonia (COHABITAC), the Cooperative Housing Sector of the Network of ‘Solidarity Economy of Catalonia, and the Association of Policy Managers and Social Housing of Catalonia, the GHS.

The aim of the agreement is to establish the necessary mechanisms for the City Council to transfer land and real estate directly to foundations and cooperatives with the aim of increasing the stock of social and affordable housing in the city of Barcelona.


Presentation of proposals

Foundations that want to promote social and affordable housing for rent in the city of Barcelona on a municipal site can now submit their proposals, until next March 1st .

Information on the agreement and the available plots can be obtained at the following links of interest:

When a foundation is interested in any of the available plots, it is necessary to send an email to the following email address explaining your proposal and attaching the appropriate documentation.

An agreement to promote social and affordable housing

Last November, an agreement was signed for the expansion of the public housing stock into 1,000 flats for social rent and affordable cooperative housing on lease (cohabitation). The agreement was signed by Barcelona City Council, the Association of Managers of Social Housing Policies of Catalonia (GHS) and as signatory entities the Federation of Housing Cooperatives of Catalonia, the Solidarity Economy Network of Catalonia (XES), and the Coordinator of Housing Foundations of Catalonia (COHABITAC). Of the total number of homes, around 40% will go to cooperatives in the transfer of use and 60% to affordable rent.

Following the model of cities such as Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin and other European cities, this agreement is a framework for public-private-social collaboration to help respond to the housing needs of the population of Barcelona. This means greater speed in procedures and processes, always guaranteeing the public ownership of the land and its development by non-profit social entities, foundations or cooperatives.

There are different spaces for the elaboration of the proposals:

  • A first for promotions for the transfer of use. In this case, the Federation of Cooperatives and the XES, will receive, evaluate and select a proposal for each site jointly.
  • A second for promotions for rent and promoted by housing foundations. In these cases, it will be Cohabitac who will draw up the appropriate proposals for each site.
  • And a third group, also of promotions destined to rent, and that can be promoted by Foundations or Cooperatives of rent. In this case, Cohabitac and the Federation of Cooperatives can prepare proposals.

Assessment and assignment of projects

Cohabitac in the case of promotions for rent to be developed by Foundations (or Cohabitac + the Federation of Housing Cooperatives in the case of rental promotions to be developed by Cooperatives or Foundations) will make the allocation proposals in accordance with the requirements established by the own Agreement with the City council of Barcelona and the attached document of Criteria and Requirements, and will elevate them to the Table of designation, a commission formed by the City council of Barcelona and by GHS that will be in charge to validate the proposals presented by the representative entities and that the proposals conform to the criteria and spirit of the agreement.

The Designation Board and the representative entities will ensure that the beneficiary proposals take into account criteria for energy improvement, speed and industrialization. The technical and economic solvency of the entity, the guarantee that the amount of rent or assignment of use will be adapted to the modules of the sheltered housing and the concentration of risk in relation to the own resources and capacity of each one will also be valued. entity, among other elements.

Adjudication of promoted housing

If you are interested in being end users of these homes that will be promoted you can:

  • For rental housing: register on the Barcelona City Council housing stock exchange, which will be the means used to award the rental housing.
  • For homes on lease of use: go directly to the different cooperatives promoters.

As the development of the agreement and the different promotions progresses, the information on these as well as the beneficiary foundations and cooperatives and the contact channels will be expanded.