Assignment of empty flats

Private market housing fundraising program for families / people in a situation of social exclusion

Presentation of the project

The program for the transfer of empty homes signed with the Barcelona Housing Consortium has made it possible to attract around 350 homes from the private market to be allocated to families / people in a situation of social exclusion.

In this program, more than 200 homes have been rehabilitated, which are carried out in collaboration with socio-labor insertion companies that work with people at risk of social exclusion. So since the beginning of the program about 50 jobs have been created.

This program offers homeowners a secure rent for a minimum of 36 months, financing all rehabilitation works with a non-refundable contribution of 20%.

About 350 people live in the 350 homes which have lost their homes for socio-economic reasons and are derived from the Emergency Board of the city of Barcelona and there are also about 25 people in the Primer la Llar program that offers housing to people. homeless.

All people living in housing have social support in relation to the use of housing, coexistence with the community and, where appropriate, actions aimed at facilitating their employment. In all cases, our intervention is carried out with work plans agreed with the people we work with, more or less intensively as required, based on specific objectives and in 5 main areas:

  • Domestic economy and rent payment
  • Home maintenance
  • Good coexistence with the community
  • Supplies and energy poverty
  • Support in socio-labor insertion


  • The integral management by a social entity of a program with aspects of real estate acquisition, rehabilitation, administration of estates and social accompaniment.
  • The specialized and individualized support and social support for each of the people living in the homes.
  • The social mix in buildings distributed in all neighborhoods of the city.
  • Social impact of the rehabilitation carried out by socio-labor insertion companies
  • Visualization, awareness and citizen participation in social housing.

An initiative of:

Fundació Hàbitat3