C/Bolivia, Barcelona

Construction of a residential building at c / Bolívia 179, Barcelona

Presentation of the project

The construction of the building was located inside the Can Ricart site in the 22 @ district of Barcelona.

The social objectives that defined the project were to offer access to decent housing and to set up an inclusive plan that contemplated mutual aid relations. We also worked with criteria of ecology, sustainability and low consumption in terms of supplies.

From the Foundation we decided on rather small homes, as they were the optimal type for the type of user who would use them. The final proposal included 14 two-bedroom, 3 three-bedroom and 2 one-bedroom adapted homes. All bathrooms are adaptable.

The building has 1,923’42 m2 built. The ground floor occupies the entire site and contains the commercial premises along with the common elements of the property.

The project included an intermediate space between the house and the outside of the facade that allows to generate an adjustable filter of movable slats that improves the thermal conditions of the interior of the houses and at the same time that allows to have an external space for the users . The position of the houses with respect to the façade facilitates the correct sunbathing of each of them.

The building has pneumatic garbage collection and is connected to Districlima, renewable energy service, from which it obtains hot water DHW and heating.

Living in a healthy building, with natural light and ventilation, with affordable heating and passive control to reduce energy demand, contributes to improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable people.


  • Energy classification A. Total unit CO2 emissions savings kg / CO2 / m2year 73.55.
  • Recyclable ventilated facade.
  • Garden roof
  • Distribution of equivalent bedrooms and shared common area creating coexistence units.
  • Less maintenance costs, less management costs, less costs for tenants.

An initiative of:

Fundacio Privada Foment de l’Habitatge Social