We work to combat residential exclusion and its effects

We Are


COHABITAC is the coordinator of foundations that promote and manage social rental housing in Catalonia.

Social Promoters

The foundations that make up COHABITAC have been approved as Social Promoters, in accordance with article 51.2 of Law 18/2007 on the right to housing.

In figures


The foundations that form Cohabitac have promoted about 10,000 Social Housing


We manage about 3,500 social rental social housing


We manage 7% of the social rental housing stock in Catalonia

The foundations that make up Cohabitac have the necessary operational capacity to increase the social rental stock by 1,000 homes / year, provided that the necessary conditions .

We Do

Social housing

We contribute to increasing an affordable housing stock with a guarantee of stability over time while ensuring the social and welfare needs of those who need it most.

We fight exclusion

We work to combat residential exclusion and its effects through the promotion, purchase and management of social rental housing under strict criteria of good practice.

From Cohabitac:

  • We interact with different administrations in order to get them a single voice and promote projects that we then award among our associated foundations based on suitability criteria.
  • We work for the configuration of a legislative and fiscal framework conducive to the creation and sustainable management of social rental housing.
  • We foster synergies and collaborations with other entities, institutions and professional associations. We share experiences, problems and proposals, with the aim of giving the most effective, comprehensive and humanistic response possible to the housing emergency.
  • We prepare studies and reports on the reality of social rental housing and we propose and defend proposals for improvement in all areas that affect it.
  • We work to raise public awareness of the social importance of housing.

From the foundations:

  • We promote, buy and manage homes for social rent under parameters of good practice.
  • We promote and manage social rental housing and affordable social rental.
  • We promote homes on land in temporary lease (surface right) and rent them at 7 € per useful square meter and month (affordable social rent), and we could do so at 5’5 € per useful square meter and month (rent social) if the subsidies were adequate.
  • We manage very social rental housing.
  • Mainly through obtaining empty flats or the second-hand market, either by buying them (usually by trial and error) and rehabilitating or renting them and being their concessionaires, we generate rental housing for · Groups at risk or in a situation of exclusion to whom we carry out tasks of support and social supervision.
  • In cases where these homes are inclusive, we complement this support with the support of entities specializing in their specific problems (disabilities, addictions, gender violence, etc.).

Management principles

We work under common management criteria to ensure efficiency and contribute, as much as possible, to the progress of people and their better coexistence.


We accompany tenants during their stay, especially in cases of vulnerability.

When necessary, we work in a network with other entities or with municipal social services.


All the homes promoted by the Foundations that make up COHABITAC are fully accessible for people with disabilities.

In the case of specific disabilities, the housing promoted by the Foundations can be adapted.


We work so that no home is unoccupied: we maximize new and rapid occupation.

We carry out preventive maintenance of each property to maintain or improve living conditions.

We take care to reduce the rotation, taking care and anticipating situations of economic insufficiency.

When necessary, we work in a network with other entities or with municipal social services.

Tasting and retraction

We do our best to rescue the users of homes subject to the application of these processes.

Whenever possible, Cohabitac entities acquire these homes for social rent.


In collaboration with specialist companies, we apply technological solutions in order to optimize management and reduce energy and water consumption.

We do our best to ensure that new construction promotions meet the criteria for Energy Rating A.

We work to reduce energy poverty and the digital divide.

We award rehabilitation works to companies that work with people at risk of social exclusion to increase the social efficiency of our action.

More about Cohabitac:

Greetings from the President

We must continue to work, together, for a large park of social housing for rent

Introducing Cohabitac

We are the coordinator of foundations that promote and manage social rental housing in Catalonia

Integral foundations

Cohabitac we are 12 foundations with diverse capacities and specializations under a common goal

Outstanding projects

The most important thing about Cohabitac is our action