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Find out about Cohabitac’s activity and the foundations that make it up

SOS rentals and supplies

We have recently launched a fundraising campaign aimed at supporting families who have lost their jobs or greatly reduced their income due to COVID and cannot afford basic housing or supply costs.

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30 years opening doors, 30 years giving opportunities

On July 23, 1990, a group of people linked to Caritas Diocesana de Barcelona launched a visionary project: the creation of a non-profit organization with the aim of responding to the housing exclusion that was already evident in the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area. Because 30 years ago, having a decent family home was already an impossible goal for many people.

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Publications and reports (Spanish)

Studies on rental social housing and documentation on Cohabitac’s proposals and demands

Challenges and limitations of the promotion and management of social rental housing

A detailed analysis of the current state of social rental housing in Catalonia, the challenges it faces and the conditions that must be met in order to generate a sufficient park:


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European Recovery Fund for Social Housing

Proposal for the dedication of European funds for recovery, NEXTGENERATION, in the field of housing:


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Proposals to modify the taxation of housing

Proposals for legislative changes in tax matters to encourage the promotion of social rental housing and the rehabilitation of the housing stock:


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Outstanding projects

Discover some of the initiatives we have made a reality

Joan Suñer Center

Building of 115 homes with services, of official protection in special regime destined to autonomous people older than 65 years. 1 and 2 bedroom homes, unfurnished, with heating, air conditioning and emergency warning system.

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The Cohabitatge project offers long-term shared housing to homeless people at the end of their social inclusion process.

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