Greetings from the President

"We must continue to work together for a large park of social housing for rent"

The social importance of housing is undeniable: it is essential for biological and personal development and is inseparable from socio-economic progress.  Their access is key to achieving sustainable, secure, integrated and prosperous cities and societies.

Unfortunately, despite being a widely recognized fundamental right, there are many people and families who cannot access decent housing or who have to deal with excessive financial effort in order to enjoy it.

Faced with this serious situation of residential exclusion, social rental housing is an efficient and sustainable solution over time. A solution that provides the necessary stability to tenants and compensates, at least in part, the social inefficiencies of the free market.

Despite all the difficulties, the twelve foundations that form Cohabitac work, in Catalonia, in the promotion and management of 7% of these homes.

Thanks to the initiative, determination and selfless effort of their patrons, nearly 3,500 families or cohabitation units  they have an affordable roof and, in many cases, receive the care or social support they need.

In Catalonia, social rental housing represents only 1.5% of the total park , a proportion that is totally insufficient and that leaves us very far from the European average, which is around 15%. This low figure is, at the same time, the shameful realization of a collective failure and the inexcusable trigger of a determined social and political action that must be carried out urgently.

It is necessary to continue promoting and acquiring homes and renting them out in fair and affordable conditions. It is an inescapable obligation of the administration to which we join, with determination and commitment.

We need a favorable framework that facilitates the acquisition of land and empty homes, that does not penalize the promotion and purchase of non-profit, that contributes to its financing and that subsidizes the management, especially of very social housing.

Without these obstacles, and with the help of a solidary and proactive public administration,  we are in a position to increase the share of social rental housing by 1,000 units per year. And even more could be done if initiatives such as Government Bonds and Obligations for the Construction of Affordable Housing were activated.

In any case, from the Table of the Third Sector and as accredited social promoters, the foundations that make up Cohabitac will continue to work to achieve this goal, with an outstretched hand to anyone who wants to join the cause of the housing for everyone.

Pere Esteve Sala
Nou Lloc Social Housing Foundation
November 2020

We need a favorable political, legal and fiscal framework to significantly increase the stock of social rental housing.

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Greetings from the President

We must continue to work, together, for a large park of social housing for rent

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