Comprehensive rehabilitation, Barcelona

Comprehensive rehabilitation of a multi-family building in Carrer Mare de Déu del Pilar 12, Barcelona

Presentation of the project

This building, dating from 1900, is part of the Foundation’s transfer housing stock.

The property had serious structural problems, and for this reason it was decided to carry out a comprehensive action of rehabilitation and extermination of termites, both inside the floors and in the common areas of the building. The works have involved the treatment and change of beams, ceilings and walls and other structural elements, as well as leaving the floors in good living conditions.

The action of the treatment has required, for a safety issue before the execution of the works and the use of toxic products that, during the process, there were no people on the floors.

For this reason, people living in the flats where the work was performed were moved.

The intervention was carried out in 3 phases: the first starting with the upper floors (3rd and 4th), the second on the middle floors (2nd and 1st) and the third acting on the main and common areas of the staircase.

At present (2020) the third and last phase is being concluded which includes the sanitation of the stairwell, review of carpentry and access doors to homes, the “furniture” of facilities, painting of the whole staircase, railing and change all the electrical and lighting installation of this common area.


  • Improving the security of the property
  • Habitability and improvement of common and private areas
  • Improving the health conditions of tenants.
  • The coordination between the Social Area and the Heritage Area of the Social Foundation stands out to make the execution of the project possible, since the temporary accommodation of the resident families while carrying out the tasks of disinsectization and rehabilitation of the flats required careful logistics where an attempt was made to interfere as little as possible with the normal course of the lives of users and tenants.

An initiative of:

Fundacio Privada Foment de l’Habitatge Social