Fundació Privada Factoria de Somnis

THE FOUNDATION OF DREAMS FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that was born in 2015, basically focused on the promotion, promotion and dissemination of culture in its various manifestations, as well as support, help and accompaniment to entrepreneurs in activities related to this field.

In recent times, the Foundation, as a result of the internal reflection of its Board of Trustees, has decided to expand its founding objectives in order to allocate its resources and capabilities to respond to an urgent social demand, such as access to housing. For this reason, it has included in its statutes, as objectives, the promotion and management of endowment housing and social housing, in the different forms of public protection existing at any given time, both in terms of ownership and rent and others. formulas for owning the usual home, aimed at all people who may have this need and especially at young groups or linked to the aforementioned activities.