Fundació Privada Patronat Santa Creu de la Selva Girona

The foundations of the Foundation are:

  • Contribute to making the right of citizens to decent and adequate housing effective.
  • Contribute to the increase of the affordable housing stock, mainly for rent, intended for the population as a whole, in accordance with applicable sectoral legislation.
  • Facilitate that the sectors of the population that do not have sufficient economic resources to have a house in market conditions, can access it mainly in a protected rental system.
  • The promotion of housing both in new multi-family buildings and in buildings undergoing major rehabilitation or completion of work, all of them mostly aimed at renting official protection.
  • The promotion of homes, specialized residences, residential complexes, supervised or assisted housing or any other type of property or equipment aimed at the elderly.
  • Integral management of the own real estate park mainly directed to the rent of protected house.