“Habitat” project: access and maintenance of rental housing

Presentation of the project

The project focuses on generating individualized support strategies for access to and maintenance of housing for people in a vulnerable situation.

We understand housing as a tool to promote personal and family processes of social integration, as well as collective processes of cohesion and coexistence taking into account the causes that cause inequality in these families who are in a situation of residential exclusion.

We work on the social integration of people and families from a comprehensive perspective, trying in the first place to secure housing. We think that it is very important to be able to offer users the information and support resources so that they can design their own insertion itineraries. For this reason we try to work in a coordinated way with other services and entities in the territory: social services, employment services, civic centers, social entities …

To guarantee the right to housing of the most vulnerable families, Fundación SER.GI has developed different projects in order to expand the scope of the Housing Area and reach specific groups most affected by social inequalities. and structural violence.


General objective

Guarantee access and maintenance of housing to people and families who are in a vulnerable situation.


Specific objectives

  • Mobilize empty homes for social rent.
  • Offer advice and support to cohabitation units with housing-related problems in order to prevent their loss.
  • Promote processes of autonomy in the family units cared for in order to complete their social integration itineraries.


  • Guaranteed collection and return of the home in the same state of conservation
  • Free multi-risk insurance policy (cotinent and content) for the duration of the contract
  • Periodic social monitoring at home
  • Free administrative and patrimonial management
  • Procedures for applying for the Energy Efficiency Certificate / Certificate of Habitability

An initiative of:

Fundació Ser-gi