Llar Casa Bloc, Barcelona

17 homes for people at risk of social exclusion

Presentation of the project

The former Residence of the Casa Bloc, thanks to an agreement with the Housing Agency of Catalonia, is being transformed to adapt to the new housing needs of people served by social entities of the Table of the Third Sector or for people in a situation of social emergency attended by the social services of Barcelona City Council. The project consists of 17 homes.

About twenty-five people at risk of social exclusion will live in the Casa Bloc Home from January 2021. They will be people with mental health problems and / or addictions, with intellectual disabilities, homeless people, people or families who have been evicted. The management of the building will be carried out by the Habitat3 Foundation in collaboration with other social entities (Provivienda, Prohabitatge, Fundació Astres and Esclat) and Barcelona City Council.

Measures will be implemented in the 17 homes to combat the digital divide and consumption monitoring systems, thanks to the collaboration of Cellnex Telecom. Measures will also be implemented to combat situations of energy poverty and through the improvement of energy efficiency, thanks to the collaboration with the Naturgy Foundation. At the same time, and as a result of a collaboration with Artistom, the Casa Bloc Home will have Lydos Hybrid hot water products, the only thermos on the Class A market.


  • Rehabilitation of disused equipment, architectural and historical heritage, to be used as housing for people at risk or in residential exclusion.
  • The support and specialized and individualized social support for each one of the people resident in the houses, by means of the work in network of 5 social entities and the social services of the City council of Barcelona.
  • The collaboration of public administrations, social entities, institutions and companies with the aim of joining forces to offer decent and affordable housing to the most vulnerable people.
  • Availability of internet connection data, included in the rental income, for all residents with the aim of combating the digital divide.
  • Monitoring system for all supplies and other behavioral data of homes with information to all residents that will allow decisions to be made, improving energy consumption with a reduction in energy poverty.

An initiative of:

Fundació Hàbitat3