Housing rehabilitation fund

Economic fund to finance housing renovations to accommodate vulnerable people

Presentation of the project

The Housing Rehabilitation Fund (HRF) is an economic fund to finance housing renovations intended to house vulnerable people who are in a situation of residential exclusion.

This fund has been created with contributions from the Hospital Order of Sant Joan de Déu, Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona and Coop57 and is managed by the Mambré Foundation.


  • The property and the Mambré Foundation will value the intervention of the renovations of the property.
  • Once the viability has been agreed, the Mambré Foundation will be in charge of the technical execution of the reforms.
  • The cost will be assessed and the rental price and its duration will be agreed.
  • The Mambré Foundation through the HRF will be responsible for the funding.
  • At the end of the renovations, the flat will become part of the Mambré Foundation’s housing portfolio in one of its programs.
  • The property will have a grace period in the collection of rent equal to the cost financed by the FRH. After this time, the agreed monthly price will be charged until the end of the contract.

An initiative of:

Fundació Mambré