Joan Suñer Center

115 homes with services, officially protected under special regime for self-employed people over 65 years

Presentation of the project

Building of 115 homes with services, of official protection in special regime destined to autonomous people older than 65 years. 1 and 2 bedroom homes, unfurnished, with heating and air conditioning as well as emergency warning system.

24-hour concierge service ensures that there is always a concierge available at the Center in case of need. The rooms / bathroom are equipped with alarm systems that warn directly.

The library has a wide variety of books, all donated by the residents themselves. They also have daily written press for their reading time.

In the gym you can have various machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes among others. We also have a professional who does more personalized maintenance for each resident who wants to go there.

In the cinema classroom there are users who propose films or make them easier to watch together.

We have an external hairdressing and podiatry professional who offers their services to the users of the Center, who need it once a week.

The Center has a restaurant open every day of the week, offering breakfast and lunch, at a special price for residents. There is a part of the menu that is subsidized by the center.


  • Concierge service 24 hours – 365 days a year.
  • Common services: library, gym, internet room, audiovisual room, medical services, multipurpose rooms ….
  • Optional services: hairdressing, podiatry.
  • Cafeteria and restaurant.
  • Car laundry.

An initiative of:

Fundació Privada Patronat Santa Creu de la Selva Girona