New Companion Homes

We are very excited to hand over the keys to the new Companion Homes: Shared housing for people in a situation of fragility and social exclusion

Users receive the keys to the new Shared Homes to provide a dignified and affordable home for those over 55 in a situation of fragility and social exclusion in the Gothic Quarter, while providing support and social and health support to reverse the conditions of vulnerability and exclusion.

This project, started in 2018 with the Teixim Barri program, we have increased with more homes with an agreement with the Congregation of the Hospital Sisters of the Holy Cross to fight against substandard housing and the serious gentrification that is taking place in the Gothic Quarter. Now, in 2020, the need for decent and affordable housing for people / family units in a situation of vulnerability and social exclusion leads us to allocate flats from this new stage to families at risk of exclusion who need it.


Fundació Família i Benestar Social