SOS rentals and supplies

We have recently launched a fundraising campaign aimed at supporting families who have lost their jobs or greatly reduced their income due to COVID and cannot afford basic housing or supply costs.

The incessant drip of people and families in a situation of residential exclusion who are expelled from the real estate market continues. They are not only evicted people but also families who end their contracts but cannot afford the increase in rent required by their property (“invisible evictions”). As a result of the current COVID pandemic, and the loss of jobs and income, the number of families unable to adequately meet their mortgage or rent payments has increased. It has also increased exponentially the difficulty of paying for the costs of supplies.

At the SER.GI Foundation we have started a fundraising campaign that we call “SOS Rentals and Supplies” to deal with the emergency. On our website we offer the possibility of collaborating from 5 euros and help pay rents and supplies to families who need it. This situation is not unique in our country, but, as indicated in the latest Eurostat report, 1 in 4 Europeans have serious difficulties in paying the costs of housing and spend more than 40% of their income on it.

The campaign is complemented by the need to offer social rental housing, a call that we started this autumn under the name “Open the door to social rent” and which is still active in the search for housing in Girona. The policies applied in Catalonia and Spain do not help much. Here we have a social housing stock of less than 2%, below that offered by Portugal or Bulgaria and much further facing 13% in Finland or 30% in the Netherlands, as indicated in the latest report from COHABITAC, Coordinator of Social Housing Foundations, of which we are part.

But we cannot just stay with the complaint and the necessary demand for more favorable policies, but to deal with it is also everyone’s responsibility. Let’s make an SOS call!


Fundació Ser-gi