Temporary Assignment Housing Management Program

Presentation of the project

This program of the Foundation offers administrations, social entities, companies and individuals the possibility of ceding and incorporating their homes into the support program for vulnerable families in need of temporary housing support.

The program offers important benefits to the owners who transfer the properties: efficient and safe management of the rent, prevention of occupations, care of the quality of the space and maintenance of the house in all its more particular aspects, etc.

In addition, this program gives homeowners the confidence and security that their property will provide a very good social service while in the period of assignment. All the families who live in these properties participate in the Oikos program, where they follow a specific work plan that includes their needs and the aspects necessary to achieve total economic, social and family autonomy.

When the owner decides, the transfer ends and recovers in perfect condition the property that he made available to the social housing program.

The Foundation has managed 370 homes under this program in over 27 years, 284 in progress and 86 that have already been returned to their owners. The average permanence of the assignments is above 5 years.


  • Nearly 400 families benefit or have benefited from the temporary support home program, enabling them to focus on work, social, family, and / or educational aspects that should allow them to leave the program and re-lead their life.
  • During the time of assignment, the home does not involve any financial or technical burden on the property.
  • The possibility of offering housing through an efficiently managed social program gives viability to the desire of many homeowners to share with guarantees part of their assets.
  • Homeowners enjoy, as an added value, tax advantages on their tax returns (IRPF or IS)

An initiative of:

Fundacio Privada Foment de l’Habitatge Social