The Foundation buys, in two years and a half, 95 homes thanks to the Tanteig and Retracte system

In July 2018, the Catalan Housing Agency (AHC) promoted the Framework Agreement for the accession of municipalities with strong and accredited demand and the approval of social entities with an interest in the acquisition of housing from the appraisal and withdrawal (TIR) through a line of subsidized loans.

This was a great opportunity for entities in the sector that manages and promotes social housing, which, in this way, had priority to access the purchase of housing from execution processes.

With the agreement a line of soft loans was also established the Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF) to facilitate the purchase of these homes, which converted into temporary purchases, will allow ownership to the entities for 75 years. The flats will then become part of the public social housing park.

But the AHC and the town councils had priority over the entities, which is why in the first year the entities that promote social housing could not access the purchase of all the homes they would have wanted. In our case we were able to buy only 5, all from SAREB.

A phase of dialogue improved this situation, as it opened the door to the possibility of buying by the same procedure TIR open market flats detected by the entities themselves. This was a great improvement, as since then the Social Housing Foundation has bought 90 more homes, mostly on the open market, but also from banks (40) that had given them to us and where families living using the Foundation.

Most of the flats bought by the Foundation are located in the first crown of Barcelona (L’Hospitalet, Cornellà, Badalona and Santa Coloma). These homes have an area ranging from 40 to 60 m2 and between 2 and 3 bedrooms. Work has had to be done on many of them mainly bathroom and kitchen, renovate electrical installations and paint.

The Foundation has invested one million euros of own funds in the purchase of these 95 homes . The rest of the investment (€ 7,732,469.20) has been financed by the Catalan Institute of Finance.

We are currently putting all the homes into use. When this process is over we can say that we have achieved that 95 families in a situation of residential exclusion have access to social rental housing .

Image of Maria Ziegler @schluesseldienstvergleich_eu


Fundacio Privada Foment de l’Habitatge Social