The Habitat3 Foundation participates in an exchange of international experiences with experts in social housing

The Habitat3 Foundation will take part in the coming months in various spaces for the exchange of experiences led by World Habitat and in which a dozen organizations from around the world will take part. Habitat3 participates as the winner of the World Habitat award 2019.

The first session will be on Wednesday 30 September with all the participating entities, followed during October by specific work sessions with each entity and finally two round tables in November. It is expected that at the end of these sessions a document will be published that includes the main ideas and contributions that have been worked on between the entities.

The exchanges provide a practical and in-depth understanding of the technical, social and financial aspects of each Gold Award winner in the World Habitat Awards editions. As a result of the exchange, many of the participants adapt and transfer the relevant elements of the approaches to their own context.

For the Habitat3 Foundation, participation in this international meeting will allow you to learn about experiences from different parts of the world in attracting homes from private owners to be used for social rent.
Among the objectives that are intended to be achieved with the participation of these sessions are the desire to discover and work strategies to approach homeowners in the private rental sector and reflections on key elements in the growth of entities / organizations which provide affordable housing to people in a vulnerable situation. Among other things, we also want to reflect on how the entities have experienced a very rapid growth of their activity and economic volume of activity have been able to stay true to the mission objectives.

The entities that will participate in these sessions are: Dot Dot Dot (United Kingdom), Y Foundation (Finland), Homes for Good (United Kingdom), Community Solutions (United States), Neunerimmo (Austria), Mutual Housing California (United States) , Crisis (United Kingdom).

Mariana Gallo, head of the Lead for the World Habitat Awards Program, emphasizes that these sessions “promise to be a series of discussions and practical work with other housing experts. Through the exchange of ideas, experiences, knowledge and solutions, Habitat3 will be able to further develop its outstanding and award-winning work ”.


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