We close the “SOS rents and supplies” campaign with a total of € 14,618

The SER.GI Foundation has allocated € 14,618 to the solidarity campaign. Through donations from individuals and own resources, it has been possible to alleviate the emergency situation of 33 families cared for by the Foundation who were in difficulty to pay the rent of the house or to face water expenses, light and gas.


Last December we launched the “SOS rents and supplies” campaign, which consisted of raising funds and raising awareness about the housing problem, especially as a result of the current pandemic. The campaign has lasted until February of this year and has collected nearly 15 thousand euros, which have served to help 33 families, prioritizing those most affected among whom the Foundation is already accompanying different programs in the territory of Girona.


Of the € 14,618.00 that has been raised in total, € 877.00 has been allocated to supply costs. In this way 3 families have been able to pay for water for a few months and 3 more families have been able to heat their homes in the cold months. The rest, € 13,741.00, has been allocated to rent payments in default situations. Specifically, 15 families have been able to pay part of the rent and 12 more families have avoided eviction from their homes.


The loss of jobs or income as a result of the current COVID pandemic has made it even more difficult for many families to cope with housing costs and supplies such as water, electricity and gas. During the three months that the campaign has lasted, the aim has been to help and raise awareness among the general population about the fact that they are often faced with the loss of housing or with serious problems to survive.


Fundació Ser-gi