Yuvisnei and Juan Pablo already have a flat

Hard to imagine for Yuvisnei when she became pregnant that her son would have a disability. But the birth got complicated and the baby ended up with a severe disability.


In that moment hey lived in a room with a couple, but the medical assistant immediately saw that this was not at all appropriate and put her in touch with Caritas. And with all the support of Caritas they were referred to the Foundation: he needed a flat where he could live with his son.


That was 19 years ago. The first flat of Yuvisnei was on Cendra Street. At that time, the request for an adapted official protection flat was processed because Juan Pablo would never leave the wheelchair.
Yuvis’s fight has been hard: he had to work, but he had to take care of his son and until she entered in a suitable center for him where they would take care of him, this was not possible. But stubborn as she is, she got it, and she also got a job, a job where she still works and as she says “they are very happy with me”.


They stayed on the flat of Cendra street for 3 years. He didn’t have an elevator and Juan Pablo was getting older, he had to climb on her shoulders and he weighed more every day. Then the Foundation inaugurated the building on Passeig de l’Exposició, a building of its own designed for the families we serve, and we asked Yuvis if they wanted to go and live there. It was very small, but it had an elevator. They did not thought: they have lived here for 14 years, in an apartment with a room, for Juan Pablo, and an adapted bathroom. She has made a corner of the kitchen-dining room her space.


The Yuvis fight has been daily. Several times they have been about to grant her a flat, but it was not until this spring that she received the good news: they were granted an officially protected flat adapted “beautiful, with lots of light, with a room for my child and another for me” in Zona Franca area. Joy and nerves. Julia, her educator, has already told her that we are still here for anything they need.


In July they went for what will be their home from now on. The flat of Passeig de la Exposición will be for another family that we wish would not be there for so many years.


Confronted feelings, why it’s not fair to wait 19 years to be granted a flat when you desperately need it.


Fundacio Privada Foment de l’Habitatge Social